Looking for an easy way to buy Pure Kora Banarasi Silk Sarees online
Looking for an easy way to buy Pure Kora Banarasi Silk Sarees online

Banaras is now known as Varanasi is one of the ancient settlements according to the history of India. Banaras finds mention even in as ancient as rig Vedas dated back to about 2000 years BC. Indian mythology too has a reference of Banarasi sarees from Banaras in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. In the ancient time bananas was famous for the weaving of cotton saree and dress materials, but slowly switched over to silk weaving during the mutual period. Around 14-century weaving of brocades with intricate designs using gold and silver threads became the specialty of bananas.

Banaras is one of the rich weaving crafts of the centers of India. It is famous for brocade sarees and all over dress materials. Banaras, well known for its brocade refers to those textiles where patterns are created in weaving by transfixing or thrusting the pattern thread regularly. But when brocade designs in gold, silvers silk zari are transfixed in between by shipping the passage of the regular weft over a certain number of warp threads which depends upon the pattern.

There may be several sets of heddles arranged so that on different occasions, they raise and depress irregular numbers of threads in turn, as required by the intricacy of the pattern. We all know that kora Banarasi silk saree as also known as organza silk, which was primarily made out of twisting only silk yarns and filaments find other impure or synthetic forms such as ones made with a blend of nylon and polyester threads, to increase its textile strength.

The designing of these comfortable and light in weight fabrics involves different painstaking steps. Kora silk is a thin plain weave sheer fabric of silk. The craftsman weaves it from silkworm which consists of thin spun threads. Kashyam International is a brand of pure handmade silk sarees. Kashyam has kora silk saree wholesale in Varanasi. They have all varieties of kora silk saree with beautiful designs, unique border, heavy and light pallu, etc..


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